Friday, July 24, 2009

PhotoHunter-Radiant Ruins Needs Your Vote...Please?

I received GREAT news yesterday! A digital photo book that I just finished was nominated for a People's Choice Award in the Photography Book Category. My book is called Radiant Ruins.

Voting for the People's Choice Awards is open through August 20.
To vote for ME, please click here. You have to register, but don't have to buy anything.

Most of you know that I'm just a college kid, and that I started MOO at the end of June. I've been trying to juggle this new project with my job (summer swim's intense!), so I haven't been posting or commenting regularly. Swim season is over next week, though, so I promise to get back into this ASAP!

Anyway, this is a stretch, but the snap above...Entitled "She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy," and also part of my photo book... is a UTENSIL, of sorts. And that's the theme for PhotoHunters this week.

Don't forget. Please vote for's free!


Tammy Howard said...


Marites said...

congrats for being nominated and voted for you:) nice take on the PH theme this week.

kaye said...

good luck, my photo hunt is here Thanks

Alice Audrey said...

You got it.

dianne - bunny trails said...

Congrats! I hope you make it. :D