Friday, July 3, 2009

One Blue Sky: Skywatch Friday

As part of Skywatch Friday, hosted by kjpweb, take a gander at a beautiful summer DC sky.

Three, two, one...take off!


Tracy P. said...

Welcome to the blogosphere, Freegal! You have some great pics here--looking forward to more! If you are interested in more photo blogs, my favorites are (weekly contests, awesome tutorials, etc.), and

koe said...

very nice. i've always enjoyed watching the planes descend into the airport in DC. they always seem to be screaming up the potomac.

JoSF said...

Hi Freegal ! Great perspective on the plane and clouds !
I'm a shutterbug from way over here in San Francisco and I also really dig your Day of the Dead photos from Fog City. DOD is one of my favorite celebrations here, with all the artful altars in Garfield Park for friends and family who've passed. The procession after dark around the park and down Mission with candles and skeleton faces also seems to channel the dead !
Keep on keeping on Freegal !

BPOTW said...

Such a great photo! Very exciting to think about things that go along with it!

bettyl said...

It is quite interesting to watch the planes take folks to their business or loved ones. Great shot!