Monday, July 13, 2009

Color Me Silly-Odd Shots

Ever seen a Day of the Dead festival? Well, if you haven't, you are missing out on a lot. All the colors and creativity, it's awesome to see. Took this shot on my last trip to San Fran. Happy Odd Shots Monday!


Gail said...

The colors are amazing but the pic's a little spooky.

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

Beautiful photo.

My sister collects Mexican death art and galleries it in her bedroom.

Tara R. said...

That's a wonderfully eccentric character! Great colors!

Hilda said...

I've never experienced a day of the dead festival. It's the idea of it that I find a bit odd but I love the costume!

Happy Odd Shots Monday!

CJ said...

A very odd shot ---beautiful colors. I can imagine this phantom turning transparent and floating away with the wind.

What's with the cows? I used to publish "the MOOsletter" the international cow lovers' quarterly, featuring "all the MOOs that's fit to print."

You might find these posts interesting: Bovine Comedy
Cow Parade Chi-COW-go

Katney said...

One wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley.