Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Tribute to Baba

I'm a photographer, not a writer, but
Mama Kat's writing assignments today really inspired me. I think I might be breaking the rules, but I'd like to post photos of my grandma. We called her Baba. She's my Mom's Mom, and I loved her very much. I didn't shoot these snaps, but they're special to me.

Waking up at home in San Francisco. Both Rudy the Cat and I are in black.

Baba (left) and Grandpa got married in Trinidad. Her twin sister, Joanna and Uncle George were in the wedding, too.

When I was in middle school, Baba lived in DC. We would go over to her house most weekend mornings for conversation, crossword puzzles and, of course, OJ.

My Mom wrote a poem about Baba this morning at her place. My Baba was the best!


Melissa B. said...

These shots always get me...

Aunt Julie said...

An awesome lady. Love the tribute!

Anonymous said...

sweet memories. . . classic pictures. nice work.

Miss Jo said...

Yes, Baba was the best. Her love also endures. Beautiful photographs and memories. Thanks much sweetheart !