Monday, October 12, 2009

Aretha Franklin Pairs Up with Big Bird

My Mom and I went down to the US Capitol on the 4th of July, to take in the sights, hear some good music, and see the fireworks. Just so happens Aretha Franklin was sharing the bill with Big Bird and the National Symphony Orchestra.

Aretha Rocks the DC 4th

Yeah, that's Aretha in the center, wearing a big, yellow tent dress thingy, which just happened to have mink (I think) cuffs. How do I know?

Aretha-Big Bird Personified?

Here's the up-close, digital version of the shot. Kinda gives new meaning to JumboTron, doesn't it? Oh, and BTW, Drowsey Monkey does Mellow Yellow Monday! And, of course, Katney does Odd Shots Monday!


Anonymous said...

With a voice like hers, she can wear whatever she wants! Sounds like it was a great time!

Melissa B. said...

I'm with Tortuga...Aretha could dress in Saran Wrap (but hope she never does) and I'd still listen!

Lew said...

She can still sing great!

Hilda said...

I agree with Tortuga. But I hope she avoids yellow next time! ;)

Miss Jo said...

Aretha can never do/wear/sing anything bad in my book ! Great snap. But why fur trim in the summer ?