Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Digging the Grave

Every summer I venture down to Duck, North Carolina, in the Outer Banks with the fam. On the drive down we see various "landmarks," signifying the beach is near. One is the great Grave Digger, a guy with a big ol' monster truck, not a character from Hamlet. On the 4th of July, Grave Digger takes a trip across the Currituck Sound, yes, in the water. Every year we drive by we say, "We need a picture of the Grave Digger," but we never stop. This year, however, we did. Enjoy!


Aunt Julie said...

I've driven by the GD so many times and never stopped. I'd like to get up close to those trucks to see what they're like!

Melissa B. said...

Love these snaps...would love to see a shot of the Digger crossing the sound.

Miss Jo said...

Way to stop and chronicle the GD. Cool art car. Like a truck tatoo.