Sunday, June 27, 2010

Project 365/178-185: You Are So Beautiful, Part 2

Everywhere you turn, society can be seen pressuring girls to conform to media types. Billboards and commercials for a variety of weightloss centers and more tanning booths than one would ever need. Girls get it in their heads that they must be a certain way in order to be accepted in this world.

As part of a end-of-year assignment, I photographed different young women from my sorority, each holding a sign she made stating the "flaw" she is insecure about. I then photographed each as a beautiful, proud woman, comfortable in her own skin. You can see other photos from my project here.

I'm particularly proud of the last photo in this series, "Barbie," because the subject's inner beauty shines through in a classic way, despite her self-perceived flaws.

365/178: Love Handles

Love Handles

365/179: Coy


365/180: Thunder Thighs

Thunder Thighs

365/181: Glam


365/182: Above the Knee

Above the Knee

365/183: Big Butt

Big Butt

365/184: Diva


365/185: Barbie



Tara R. said...

An amazing project, Moo. Photos you and your models should be proud of... beautiful!

merrymishaps said...

Wow, what a powerful project. I love the lighting!

Denise @ Musician's Widow said...

I absolutely LOVE this project. The world needs to see this! Seriously... a publisher would be a FOOL not to jump on this.

Secret Agent Mama said...


MojoMama said...

How incredible!! I agree with Denise, this is something that belongs in a magazine and seen! Women are beautiful no matter their "flaw".

I saw an interview on Good Morning America where they interviewed a panel of three men, and something they said stood out to me: "No matter WHAT your flaw, there's somebody out there who's into that. Just be yourself!"

Donna said...

Beautiful and Powerful. Love this set.